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The Secret Hum of a Daisy

The Secret Hum of a Daisy by: Tracey Holczer is about a girl, Grace, who has been traveling the state of California with her mother, until her entire life flips upside-down.
Grace is an almost average girl with a single mom. Her mom is very secretive about her past, so Grace doesn’t know hardly anything about her father. She only knows that her grandma kicked out her mom when she was pregnant with her.
One night Grace’s mother left to take a walk after a fight with Grace. A while later she followed her mother. She found her in the river, dead.
Grace is forced to live with her grandma. She got the impression that her grandma was evil, but maybe she isn’t that bad.
The Secret Hum of a Daisy is a very heartfelt story about the power of love and the sadness of loss. At some parts of the book I cried, in other parts of the book, I was smiling.
The circumstances mother’s death could’ve used more description. Though this scene could’ve used more detail, I saw clear pictures in my mind of every scene.
I would recommend this for ages eight and up because there are some concepts that would be hard to understand. Overall I would rate this book a nine out of ten because of the parts that needed more description.
Clearly, The Secret Hum of a Daisy by: Tracy Holczer is an amazing book that has a lot of emotion and love.