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Shakespeare's Classic Tale is Brought to Life

photo by Jennifer M. Koskinen

Come one and come all! The famous Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet,” is now showing at the Denver Center for performing arts. Classic but tragic, enchanting but devastating, this story will make you laugh happily as well as bitterly. I highly enjoyed the play, but this is not a family performance. The theater’s age recommendation is ages fourteen and up. I suggest this performance for all mature kids aged twelve or above, because of the content, and the old English used throughout the entirety of the play. I knew the basic idea of the play before seeing it, but had not read the original script. At parts I became confused as to the role of each actor, and reading the script afterwards helped me greatly. So, I suggest reading the original play before seeing the performance in order to ensure better understanding.
I thought the actors were extremely talented, and overall the play was a complete success. The original script is followed precisely, and the actors put real emotion into their acting. Each actor, especially the main characters, must remember many complicated lines, and they did a wonderful job throughout the entire play. The ushers and employees are kind, and provide a calm, relaxed atmosphere, allowing for a more enjoyable performance.
The play is about two and a half hours long with one intermission in the middle, so I highly suggest leaving home babies or small children who may have trouble remaining quiet for long periods of time. This play is good for parents and older kids, and also provides foresight to middle school students who will most likely be required to read “Romeo and Juliet” in high school.
Overall, I enjoyed the play, and thought the actors were wonderful. The language and character roles were mildly confusing, though, so I recommend this performance for adults, and children no younger than twelve years old.



My class is going to see it on Valentines Day!! Can't wait!

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