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Silly Bandz creating a major problem in Schools across the Nation


Do you like Silly Bandz? If you do and your school allows you to wear them, you might not be able to wear them to school any more. Schools across the nation are banning Silly Bandz from schools for several reasons. First off, they are just colored rubber bands molded into different shapes. You can still shoot them at others, which hurts to some kids! I even get annoyed when people give me paper hornets! They hurt! A lot! How would you like to be the one who gets shot with rubber bands every day? That isn't Fair! You should never shoot Silly Bandz at other!
Silly Bandz create several distractions as well. Have you seen kids trading Silly Bandz underneath the desks while your teacher is talking? That is ONE of the several distractions that Silly Bandz can cause. Kids are missing out on the good stuff that your teacher teaches. Also, you have MORE Silly Bandz to shoot at others! These elastic bands may be around for a while, are only growing in popularity, and appear at other places besides school.
Kids' behavior have been changing with these Silly Bandz.  One student at my school went to the school nurse complaining of their fingers cramping. Well, guess what? They was wearing 45 bands on each arm and was cutting off their hand's circulation! So, there IS such a thing as too many Silly Bandz. Make sure that you are not wearing too many bracelets at once and to check that they are not tight enough to constrict blood flow to the hands and fingers. Additionally, you should make sure you don't wear them for longer than a couple of hours at a time, and that you should not sleep with them on. If you notice indentations on your skin, tingling, or color change, those are all signs that the Silly Bandz need to come off immediately.