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Staying Strong Together

Imagine a cheerful life of dance of various kinds. Frilly pink tutus, point shoes, artistic acrobatics, and choreography (Ko-re-oh-gra-fy).The sequence of steps or movement in a dance. Dance an impeccable journey to success.

Now, imagine finding out that you have a rare disease that only one in sixty-thousand people have called Friedreich’s Ataxia. This disease gradually gets more and more serious, and diminishes their ability to walk and creates speech problems. Eventually, it shortens their lives.
Meet Gabrielle Ford, real live “Gabe” of “Gabe and Izzy, Standing Up For America’s Bullied,” by Gabrielle Ford and Sarah Thomson. She was a dancer who discovered that she had the condition. She can relate to many kids. Gabrielle was a victim for bullies who harassed and taunted her because she struggled to walk and she had troubles with speech.

Many kids have been bullied and felt like their world was shattering and they may have felt like there was no escape. Gabrielle has been there and done that also. She was depressed and miserable.

Gabrielle decided to get a dog. She finally received a dog and named it Izzy. Izzy was a coonhound pup who helped her through her tough times and helped her conquer her problems. Izzy was black and tan with long, floppy, and velvety ears.

Gabrielle now informs schools about what bullying can do to kids, including its long term effects. She also talks about how bullying is a decision. She has won numerous awards and has appeared with Izzy on Animal Planet and on the Today Show because of her accomplishments and strength.

To find out more about Gabrielle and Izzy read Gabe and Izzy Standing up for America’s Bullied.