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Stranded 2 Trial by Fire - Will They Survive or Not?

Stranded Two Trial by Fire by Jeff Probst is a great story about four kids " Vanessa , Buzz , Jane and Carter " who get shipwrecked on a jungle island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The four of them will have to learn how to survive with only one knife, one pot, one axe, one pillowcase, two blankets, two pens, one journal and one backpack. With these objects the four kids will have to make shelter, get food, make fire and fight wild boars that run around on this island. Meanwhile their parents have their honeymoon in Hawaii. This trip was supposed to be a fun fishing trip with their uncle for them to learn how to get along together. Will Jane, Carter, Buzz and Vanessa survive in this story? Well read it to find out.
Stranded Two Trial by Fire is a great book. It was written by Jeff Probst, the host of the show Survivor. The story is great but it is in a series of three books so I would recommend that you read the first book first. I have not read the first but I am sure it is just as good as the second book. The reason why I'm telling you this is because the beginning of the book doesn't give a lot of background. I thought this book was a little confusing in the very beginning. I also thought that the book was a little confusing at some parts because there were two giant things happening at the same time so I didn't understand it in some parts.
I thought that the characters were very creative. Well I really liked Buzz. He was my favorite character. Buzz is a video game freak who knows the most about survival out of the four of them ‘’surprisingly’’. one thing that buzz did to know the most about survival was he made a spear by taking a stick, carving a rock into a sharp point and then tied that rock to the stick with vine.
Like i said before Stranded Two Trial by Fire is a great book about four kids who will have to work as a team to survive on this jungle island. Will these four kids find shelter and make fire until a plane or boat comes and rescues them or will they never be heard from again? If you want to figure out I would simply suggest you read it and find out for yourself.