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Summer is in Full Bloom

Summer is in full bloom,
Green leaves dance on the trees that loom,
Rays of light shine down from the sun,
to burn out all the fun.

With several days of scorching one hundred degree weather,
your clothes get to be as light as a feather,
Yellow and black bees are about on the prowl,
while dogs protest that the sun is too strong with their howl.

Everyone rushes once at the pool,
to throw down their bags and be immersed in the silvery liquid that is cool,
under the glare of the sun perched in the sky of endless blue,
your shirt clings to you as if stuck there by glue.

Clouds of pearly white are wisps in the distance,
in the sweltering heat you try to keep your balance,
the air around is thick with insects and humidity announcing with doom,
that summer is in full bloom.