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Taking Art To A New Level

Joan Miro Women, Bird and Star

 Even in his old age Joan Miro could create amazing sculptures and paintings but he would never let his creativity vanish.
At the Denver Art Museum you can experience the Joan Miro: Instinct and Imagination exhibit through June. Miro’s sculptures were very creative like how he made them completely out of found objects such as garden tools, screws and much more.

 Gwen Chanzit, curator of modern art at the Denver Art Museum, said that “If you really take the time to actually look at the sculptures, you will always find something new that you haven’t noticed before.” For example I didn’t notice the melted hub cap Miro use to make a face in his sculpture.
Miro’s paintings on the other hand were very abstract and simple as a few lines or dots, but they really made you think. Gwen Chanzit also said that “Our visitors will experience the rich conversations between paintings and sculptures-some of which incorporate found objects, and all of which drawn of fantasy and imagination, such as his freely developed forms of women, birds and stars. ”
This is a rare opportunity for Colorado audiences to experience Miro’s work. This exhibition has been organized by the Seattle Art Museum and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.
“Kids are free to do anything possible that they want, and they can come here and say Wow! I could of done that and become inspired. ” Joao Fernandes, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, told me. At the museum families can come and play the new search and find game in the gallery or they can come and make their own art like MIro in the art studio.
I think that all families should come and experience Miros work because it is normally in Spain and it really captures what it means to be creative.