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TCAP instead of CSAP

     For most schools, TCAP, or Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, starts in February and ends in March.   It won’t be long before all 3rd through 10th graders will be taking it. TCAP replaces the CSAP tests.
     Some good tips to score higher than the year before are to go to bed earlier each night before TCAP. Another good tip to score higher is to eat a healthy breakfast before you leave for school. Eggs, pancakes/waffles, bacon, yogurt or whole grain cereal are some of the best examples that would make up a tasty and healthy breakfast.
      Something else that helps kids concentrate is a break in between the tests, like a short recess. If your school doesn’t already do this, you should suggest this to your teacher, it might help improve your whole class’s scores.
     If this is your first year taking this kind of test, you might be nervous. So you won’t be so nervous and scared, pay attention in class, study hard, have faith in yourself, take deep breaths before you take the test and use all the previous tips that I’ve listed. Just remember to believe in yourself and you’ll be fine.
     Each year, if you use these tips, you will improve your TCAP scores.