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Third Times the Charm

Brianna Wolle

One hundred hopeful fourth-through-eighth-graders from around the state started off April 4 prepared to demonstrate and test their knowledge of geography. After the preliminary rounds, that number was whittled down to ten experts of the world, physically and culturally.
Crazy hard questions, such as, “What country on the Jutland peninsula has qualified to use the Euro as its currency but still uses the traditional krone? (Denmark)” soon cut the ten to two.
Correctly saying the Kara Sea as the answer to “What sea in the Arctic Ocean separates the Taymyr Peninsula from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago,” Pranit Nanda secured his title as the Colorado state National Geographic Bee champion.
Colton Giem, an eighth-grader from Mountain Ridge Middle School took second and Sid Mane, an eighth-grader from Campus Middle School, was awarded third place.
This is Pranit’s third consecutive win at the state level. Last year, the eighth-grader from Aurora Quest K-8 finished in the top-ten at Nationals in Washington, D.C.
“Make sure you’re thorough,” he suggested to hopeful future National Geographic Bee contestants. “Keep working. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, just keep on studying and preparing and you’ll eventually do better.”
To get to Nationals requires immense studying and dedication. He has been a lover of geography and traveling since he was little, saying, “First grade was when I started learning geography, but since fifth grade on was when I started preparing for the Bee.”
Pranit told that his game plan for his all-expense-paid trip to D.C. is, “I’m just going to keep studying and reviewing all that I already know. I’m working hard so that I can do at least as good as last year, and learn more facts.”
Pranit will be Colorado’s representative in the National Geographic Bee, which will be held May 19th-21st in Washington, D.C.