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"Thor: Ragnarok" is Funny, but Not Much Else

     In the most recent installations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, certain key characters have been noticeably absent, and Thor: Ragnarok explores these characters, and the effect that events on Earth have had on them. The movie opens with a quickly foiled plot to kickstart Ragnarok, the end of the Asgard and the nine realms, after which it becomes clear to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) that he must seek out his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) for help in resolving the issue. When Odin dies, an even bigger issue is released: Hela, the goddess of death, who is then not actually very central to the rest of the movie.
     Thor: Ragnarok is funny and engaging throughout, easily the best of the Thor movies, but much of its drama is sacrificed for humor. Full of one liners that make the movie into almost a parody of earlier Thor movies, the film is easily a comedy, but seems to serve as little else. Meandering in plot, the picture seems incapable of focusing on a central conflict, and villains and plot points that should be important to this film and the future Marvel productions are taken so lightly that it is hard to feel invested in the end conflict. Still, you won’t stop laughing. The movie is maturely immature, full of crude and almost self-deprecating humor, with the comedy, rather than plot or action, at the forefront of the story.
    Hemsworth displays a funny bone that seems alien to Thor’s typically rather bland persona, and Tessa Thompson emerges as a rookie star as Valkyrie. In fact, the characters portrayed alongside Thor are a major redeeming factor of the film, with both Thompson, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki attracting attention on stage.
     For those looking for a typical superhero movie, I would recommend skipping this one, but it is a surprisingly light-hearted comedy, and is great for anyone just looking for something to laugh at. The movie would be best suited for those already familiar with Marvel, as it’s full of references to previous movies, and I would recommend that die-hard Marvel fans go, while keeping in mind that the movie is fueled almost entirely by its comedy. I would also add that it is deserving of its PG-13 rating, and would caution against taking young children with on this one. Overall, the feature was, while not actually a good movie in terms of plot, worth seeing if one is just looking for a laugh.