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Three Sports In One

Todd Stockford

Have you ever wanted to try a triathlon? Do you like to swim, bike, and run? Then triathlon may be your thing!
Triathlon is a race where you, in order, swim, bike, and finally run. The first "tri" took place in San Diego in 1982. Today there are many types of tris ranging from short "sprint" distances to a much longer Ironman race. There are kid friendly tris that are shorter and even off road tris in the mountains.
In order to be fit and ready for a tri, you need to train.  This can be as easy as swimming laps at the pool and going on bike rides and short runs.  Some kids choose to join youth tri clubs to get better. Kids that Tri and Teens that Tri are examples of local clubs that are just for kids and teens. To get started you need a few things.  For the swim:  a swim suit and goggles.  Biking requires any type of bike and a helmet and all you need to run is a pair of athletic shoes! 
When you're ready, it's time to race and there are plenty of local tris for kids.  Ready for something more challenging?  In Boulder they have a race called Iron Kids where you swim in a lake instead of a pool.  And if you make the top 15 spots in your age group,  you qualify to go to Des Moines, Iowa for the Hy-Vee national championships! There is even a Junior National Team USA triathlon team for the best of the best.
Sound fun and interesting?  Then give it a "tri!"