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A Thriller and a Bone-Chiller!

Attention monster lovers! If you’ve had a hard time finding another frightful but delightful monster novel, Monster Juice Fear the Barfitron by M.D. Payne is the impeccable choice for you! This thriller is about a boy named Chris Taylor who volunteers at a senior retirement center called “Raven Hill”.
“Raven Hill” is a place with cold-looking ravens and their expressions is like an Italian who just got his cannoli stolen. The windows are timeworn, musty, and cracked. An immense lawn that hasn’t been trimmed in a long time lie on the time-warped ground in the morning dew misted, cool air. Chris doesn’t know that all of the “residents” are actually monsters. These various monsters include vampires, witches, mummies, zombies, and werewolves however, references about seniors being monsters appear sort of negative.
This book is a vomit-inducing story for boys and girls that adore both a scare and an adventure!
Will Chris survive? Will he become friends with the monsters? Well, you can answer that question by reading this monsterly magnificent story! Have a pukeorama with Chris and friends… Before you go on this picturesque adventure, brace yourself (and your puke) to have pukeloads of fun!