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Tim Johnson

How would you feel about having Steven Spielberg for a boss? Or working with famous Hollywood actors constantly? Well DreamWorks director Tim Johnson gets that opportunity every day.

Recently I had the honor to interview Mr. Johnson about his career as a director in the animated movie industry. Throughout the interview he shared the hardships and perks of directing a movie. “Crafting a movie is like conducting an orchestra… I don’t know how to play the oboe or the violin, but I know how to make them all play together,” answers Johnson as he explains how he turns ideas into reality. On a day to day basis Johnson finds himself discovering more inspiration in the world by taking a deep breath, slowing down, unplugging, and putting a piece of paper in front of him. With the blank piece of paper Johnson demonstrates how he writes down and doodles his ideas and inspiration. “I have stared at many blank pieces of paper. Some recently, and tried to fill them up with what I think the next story I would like to tell is.”

Every day Johnson has an important and fun-filled meeting with his fellow movie makers, whether it is the animators, actors, chorographers, composers, or many others. It takes one week for graphic artists and animators to create 5 seconds of film footage. For example in five seconds you could only get to the letter “J” in the alphabet!

Mr. Johnson traveled to Colorado to debut his latest work, Home, at the Boulder International Film Festival. Home will premier in theater’s worldwide on March 27th 2015.