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Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box

Transformers Rescue Box Beam Box

            Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box might seem to be a great toy to add to your Christmas list, but don’t be fooled; it isn’t what it looks like. The game comes with an Optimus Prime figure, a remote controller, and a strange-looking box with an opening and a big, blue button on the top.
            To start, you insert the figure into the box, plug the box into your television, and turn on both the television and the box. Then you push the top blue button, and the doors in the opening close. When they open again, the figure has disappeared, appearing instead on your television screen, and that’s when the game starts.
            The Optimus Prime figure starts out as a robot, but quickly turns into a car that you operate with your remote controller, avoiding other cars and hazards. The gameplay on this is difficult, since steering does not function that well. When you complete that, you morph back into a robot and fight a horde of other evil robots on the street. In this part, you have more control over Optimus Prime, and there is more action happening. To end the game, you just have to press the big blue button again; the doors will close and then open, revealing Optimus Prime in the box again. You can also buy other figures in a store for the game.
            I really didn’t have that much fun with the game, due to poor graphics, bad controlling, and the lack of a pause button. But then I realized something: the game was meant for ages 3-7, so I let my little sister have a go at the game, and she really enjoyed it! I found out that the age was appropriate, and that I would recommend it for kids in that same age range.