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The Trash Pack: Scum Drum Garbage Game

The Scum Drum Garbage Game is a not-so-classy game. The game is all about the “Trashies” (game players/characters), who live in a dumpster. One day the Trashie gang is all out of things to do…when suddenly an old drum set appears!! The Trashies are so excited they have a playground! The game has all kinds of games you can play. My favorite “mini game” was when my mom, and I had to launch our Trashies into the slimy toilet, and whoever got their Trashies in first won! I would definitely recommend the game to mostly boys, but I would say it’s a game for ages 5-8. This is a great game to settle down and play with younger siblings, or maybe some friends! Scum Drum Trash pack is a great game to play when babysitting. I put the game to the test while babysitting some neighbors. The girl (3) was baffled by the structure and pondered the great detail, while the boy (5) could not stop laughing, and playing the wondrous game. The only concern I had was the size of the Trashies, so if you give the game to any young kid make sure they are supervised so there is no ingestion of the Trashies. Overall the game was great, and I would also recommend the other Trash Pack game such as the Garbage Truck pack, or the Street Sweeper pack.