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Treasure Hunt at the Denver Art Museum

There is a big emerald green chaise longue with a small neck roll on it. There is a big display case with silver cutlery in it. A big golden mirror is attached to the wall, with next to it a big dresser.   There are washing bowls and Chinese tableware. Some wood-carved cabinets clutch the wall. In the middle, you can sit on lime green ottomans with lime green neck rolls. You will find books about the things in the room in wooden boxes near the ottomans. In it, you read about the magical furniture and what the royals did with it.
There is another room stuffed with books. It looks like a castle library. It has a cozy feel to it, and in one corner there is a small seat, really a lot like a window seat, except without the window. Next to it are a few Victorian dollhouses. Of course, you cannot touch these, since they are old and behind glass. There are a few portraits on the wall of people from that time. For example, there is the fourteen month old Prince Edward.

You are welcome to sit down, grab a book, and read as a pastime. There are many subjects, and if you ever have to do a report on people or objects from the 1540s, this is the perfect place to do your research

If you want to see these rooms, visit the (old) North Building of the Denver Art Museum!