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Twister + Kinect = MANIA!!

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Twister Mania is similar to the Twister board game, but also different in many ways.  You need to use your body to fit into different shapes on the screen.  For example, when you see a circle, you move to the screen where the circle is and turn yourself into a ball to fit inside the circle. The game can be played by any age, girl or boy, and up to 8 players can play. 
There are four games in Twister Mania. In the first game, “Shape Frenzy”, you have to try to fit into shapes [like animals] to fill up most of the shape.  The next game, “Break It Down,” is a stack of shapes that are different colors and you have to knock down the shapes by fitting into them. You get more points if you knock down the same color at the same time. “Twist and Fit” is a game where you have a wall with shapes in them and you have to go in the shapes without touching the wall. “Salon” is big, tall blocks all over a path, and you have to jump over them or go around them.  You can play it solo, head to head, or teams.
Twister Mania gives kids A LOT of exercise because you twist around and duck. You can also choose the length of the time you play. Twister Mania sells for around $20 and you need an Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor to play.  A great thing about this is that you don’t really need to read the directions because before every game it explains everything to you. I would rate Twister Mania very high because it is very active and fun twisting and turning around! Twister Mania is pure fun that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, so it’s a great way to spend time.