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Unicorns of the Sea


 Waiting for Unicorns written by Beth Hautala is a great book. Though the writing isn’t Harper Lee she paints a unique story that will leave you turning the page. In the beginning it starts out rocky, but as you get farther into the book the writing keeps you intrigued. At first I got caught up in the sadness, despair, and dullness in the writing, but trust me the story became happier and much more alive. The writing includes some, but little, romance. Even if you are a person who does not enjoy romance “Waiting for Unicorns” includes so little mention of romantic emotions that it would be tolerable for even the strongest dislike of love written in books.
The story kept me interested mainly because of the emotions Hautala made me feel. As I read it gave me a chance to be in Talia’s shoes. She had lost so much and in a way I got to feel some of her same feelings. In the writing there were few strong vocabulary words, but the many metaphors made up for the lack of interesting word choice. 
Throughout the book, Hautala scattered facts ranging from things about Inuit culture to Beluga whale migratory patterns, which seemed to add something extra to the story that was already being told. Some parts in the writing were immature suggesting that this book was written more for kids aged 10 to 11. It was not really that the writing was difficult to read, it was more that some themes were inappropriate for children under 10. Overall this book was well written and I would suggest this literature to anyone who is looking for a fun and simply written read.