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Unnatural Explains it All

Peter S. Beagle, Anthony Boucher, Avram Davidson. Those are just a few of the authors selected by Neil Gaiman to put in “Unnatural Creatures”. The way the authors wrote these 16 stories was exceptional. Each story had it's own style or level of creepiness. Each of the stories has interesting characters and settings that go along with the rest of the stories elements. One of the easier to follow stories by Peter S. Beagle was "Come Lady Death". It was about a rich lady who had lots of parties. She was getting bored of her many parties and wanted Death to come to her next party. Everything is like her normal parties, chatter and games, until the clock strikes midnight. The anticipation in this story was a great element that made it that much better. One of the longer stories was very different from "Lady Death". It was about a werewolf (your regular scary character). A man at a bar realized the werewolf signs on Wolfe Wolf a professor. Wolfe suddenly denies and then eases into the thought and remembers a very special woman is coming to town. Wolf decides that he will announce it to the woman and they can live together and she can transform him back to human once he has been transformed into a werewolf. There's only one problem... This short story was exciting and kept hanging when I had to put the book down. It was also a different kind of scary, you were hoping something would happen or this wouldn't. When it did happen you were scared for Wolfe or mad at the man at the bar. I would recommend this book for kids ten and older. The book was long and even though they were supposed to be short stories, some of them got long and hard to follow. There were only a few stories that I didn't like but most of them were intriguing and kept me wanting to read more. I think grown ups and kids alike should read "Unnatural Creatures" by Neil Gaiman.