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Virginia White children's book auothor

Virginia White Is A Children’s book author. She wrote a book called
Warren the honking cat saves the day Virginia has another book called
Warren the honking cat and the winter recital. Virginia has published
another book and it will be coming out in Fall of 2016.Virginia taught a
high school in Wisconsin. When Virginia retired she thought that she
could finally write a children’s book. Virginia White moved from
Wisconsin to Colorado.
When she was packing boxes she found a story her daughter wrote in 3rd grade. Virginia
got inspired to write her own book. Virginia has a passion for cats she has 2 Siamese cats
one is a male one is a female they had 6 kittens. She is always at the library looking at the
children’s books to see what kids like these days. Virginia makes activities packets to give
out to schools she visits to read her books. The first book came out in 2014 the second
book was published in 2015.
Originally Virginia tried to publish 2 books but only one got accepted. Virginia goes to
many craft fairs but mostly she is the only one who is selling books. Virginia has visited
many schools to read her books to the children. You can find the Warren the honking cat
sires on Amazon or you can find the EBook. Also you can find this book your local
library. And Warren the cat has his own face book page at Warren the Honking Cat and
Virginia White’s face book page is Virginia Spinar White. Every one is unique just like
warren the honking cat said Virginia White.
Ivy: How did writing this book change your life?
Virginia: I think Being able to create these story’s is just amazing I love writing storys.