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A Visit from Awesome Avi

Sherri Clemens

What would you ask your favorite author if you had a chance to meet him?  I had a chance to meet my favorite author, Avi, when he came to my school!  You might know Avi from some of his books like Ragweed, Poppy and Iron Thunder.   Some kids from our school entered a contest where you make a movie about Avi's newest book, City of Orphans.  Macy Sonius and four of her friends entered the contest.  They found out they won, and that as a prize Avi would be coming to our school!  Macy said they screamed at the good news!  Thirty kids were allowed to meet Avi, so Macy and her friends had a contest to see who could come up with some of the best questions to ask him.  Those kids got to meet with Avi, and I was one of them.   
On May 10th,  Avi came to Trailblazer Elementary and we got to meet him in our school library.   First, Avi showed a slide show about himself and where he lives.  I learned that he lives in Denver, and he has over a whole bookshelf filled with his own published books.  Then, we all asked Avi our questions.  I asked Avi if he liked writing from an animal's point of view or from a person's point of view best.  Avi said he likes to write animal stories, and they're fun to write. He also said when he writes books with people, the characters are usually kids, but when he writes books about animals, the characters are grown-ups.  Another question for Avi was how does he come up with his characters.  Avi said it is a slow process to make characters.  He sort of  has an idea, and the character might change as he writes.  Avi said sometimes a character is a boy, then in the middle of his writing, he'll think, no, it should be a girl.  It was interesting to hear Avi say that nobody writes anything well the first time.  Avi says that all writing is rewriting.  I was surprised to hear that he rewrites his books about 70 times, and that it takes a year or longer to write a book.  He even said  he worked on one book for fourteen years!  Avi's advise for how to be an author is to read, read, and read some more.  
It was awesome to meet Avi!  He even signed some books for us.  He had great advise for us and he was really nice.  His books are really amazing, and if you haven't read any, I would recommend them.  Avi says he has a new book about to be published, Sophia's War, that takes place in the American Revolution, so you should watch for it!


  He visited my school a few years ago, and he gave out a signed copy of the book Ragweed to every one, it was awesome! 

I love his books so I wish I was there!

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