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Want to take a tour of the Underworld?


Look past the scary book cover of HADES SPEAKS! by Vicky Alvear Shecter, and step into the intriguing world of Greek Mythology. Hades, king of the ancient Greek underworld, is giving a tour of his treacherous realm. Join in.... If you dare!

The story guides us through mysteries, myths, places, and characters in Greek mythology. Places like the Fields of Asphodel where the "not the good but not bad souls live",Paradise like Elysium where all the the great heroes live,and Tartarus, a pit where the evil spirits were punished, are explored and explained. With Hades as our guide, we learn about some of the Greek characters, like his siblings - Zeus, and Poseidon; his wife, Persephone, and her mother, Demeter (and his opinion of them). Hades also introduces us to scary monsters like Cerberus, the three-headed dog; the one-eyed Cyclopes; and Medusa with her "snaky-haired face."

This non-fiction story reads like a novel and has some very funny parts. Hades tells his story with a real sense of humor and sarcasm that makes it more fun to read and different than reading a regular Greek Mythology history book.

I thought this book was a very good read and would recommended this book for 10+ since it does have some crude humor. I also loved the illustrations by J.E Larson since they help me understand what I was reading. So over all I really liked this book.

This is in a series called Secrets of the Ancient Gods,so if you liked this book,you will enjoy the other books,such as Anubis Speaks! The Egyptian God of the Dead.

So mortal, do you dare to read this book?