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What to eat at a Rockies game.

Hello there, I went to a Rockies baseball game at the Coors Field a few nights go. When my family were looking for food, I spotted some different food stands and figured out how to eat right. Here are some healthy food stands:  Infield greens, a choose-your-own-toppings salad bar.  Fruit kabobs, they are fruit on a kabob, usually covered in chocolate but the healthier way is to get them without  it.  Veggie pizzas, the better way to eat pizza.   Also last but not least for some healthy choices,   Fresh squeezed lemonade. Better than beer and carbonated drinks.      Now for some unhealthy choices:  Ultra max dog, Discount nachos, Dip pin’ dots, and Popcorn.   Now of course you don’t  have to take my ideas, because they are just ideas. Now if you don’t eat healthy very much, just try these at your next Rockies game. Just see, you might enjoy it.