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Where is HOME?

In the new DreamWorks film, Home, directed by Tim Johnson (director of Over the Hedge) you find yourself justifying what home really is.

The movie starts out with Oh (Jim Parsons also starring in the Big Bang Theory), a loveable and hilarious “alien” who makes one very bad mistake… By accidently inviting everyone in the universe to a “warming of house party” he unintentionally invites the Boov’s enemy the Gorg and causes many threats to the Boov species. In the midst of fleeing from the angry citizens and police Boov, Oh befriends Tip (Rihanna) and wants to show her that he’s her firend by helping find her lost mother. Throughout the rest of the movie Oh and Tip find themselves becoming great friends and saving Earth from disaster. But in the end who is the true hero?

Home is a must see! The outstanding music and breath-taking 3D graphics lead you through the sad mad adventures of Oh and Tip. Whether home is a roof over your head, a place to hang your hat or where your heart is you will love this new movie!