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Wildlife Refuge

Madeline Kawnak

I bet a lot of you have seen or heard of the article that was in the Denver Post recently about the bison population with the main focus being the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. We had been hearing a lot about it and my family decided to visit.
Now, one of the really nice things about this refuge is the items they provide for you. For example, they have special family backpacks free of charge with a photo ID or driver’s license. In the pack, some of the things in there are a bug jar with a built-in magnifying glass to observe bugs, a butterfly net, and several guides to birds and insects in the park, a tape measure, and several activities on a clip board for the family to do together as they explore the park. They also provide binoculars.
The rangers there are really kind and helpful. Ask them a question regarding the park, they will most defiantly have an answer of some sort. I got the chance to interview one of them. Her name was Analisa Rodriguez. One question I asked her was why this job out of all others? She replied with because I love wildlife and conserving wildlife. The answer the another question was the most interesting thing that she has seen in the park since she has began to work here was when she saw a bald eagle dive down out of the sky, disappear, and come back up with a prairie dog. She said that it was “the circle of life at it’s finest”. The advice she has for everyone who has considered becoming a ranger is to “be persistent”. Analisa says to keep up your grades as well.
At the refuge, the animals wander around freely in a large fenced in area. Some of the animals that you might find there include bison, deer, bald eagles, several types of hawks and raptors, and many small animals such as raccoons, prairie dogs, and snakes. Also, keep a look out for animal tracks. They can be pretty interesting.