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Down in the silent night,
When there is no light,
There was a little sound
Of round paws walking around.
The soft paws of a cat,
That once found a big, fat rat.
While  witches ride by the Moon,
All the animals catch a tune.
The  tune of fear
Is very near.
The animals ran to hide,
While the witches went for a ride.
They looked in water grass,
But didn't find any bass.
They looked in the rocks,
And finally heard the animal's mock.
The mocking was loud and clear,
They could tell the animals were near.
A bat faked a cry,
But it came out as a sigh.
They saw the bat,
And turned him into a cat.
The cat ran,
But ran into a big can.
The can made a loud clank
As it rolled into the bank.
The cat shrieked and ran,
He wishes there was a man.
The man could pick him up,
Or scoop him into a cup.
Oh, the good times those were,
But now he was cold, Brrrrrr!
The water turned to ice,
And there were many frozen mice.
They were lying on their back,
They looked kind of like a rat.
The witch dropped them in,
He thought she would put them on a pin.
She  would hang them on a wall
In some great hall.


Overall, I like your poetry. Or at least what I've read of it. Though not all of this specific poem made sense to me personally, I love the rhyming aspect. Well done.

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