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Young Girl Gives Loads of Laughs

Photo Credit: Amazon website

“Jacky Ha Ha: My Life is a Joke” is about a hilarious twelve year old girl who’s playing spy when she watches a tourist try to steal some fudge. It was the last day of school when Ms. O’Mara walks in, talking about letting her class try out for a Shakespearean comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream. She told the class about some of the characters - the fairies, Puck, and Mustardseed were some of them. When the teacher described Puck, Jacqueline Hart (Jacky Ha Ha) knew that she wanted to play the role. She was showbiz girl who could make anyone laugh, if her stutter stayed out of the way.
 Later, when school was out, and tens of thousands of tourists flooded the beachside town, Jacky’s summer fun plans died like a swatted fly. Her parents announced that they were going to a 6 week training program to be seasonal police officers (summer cops) and that they would not be raking in a paycheck. If the summer went well, they could have a full time professional police officer job, but in the meantime, Jacky and her sisters needed to get jobs. Since Jacky was good at getting people’s attention, she worked at a boardwalk balloon pop booth.
 Soon the play tryouts started, and Jacky’s teacher had her nephew staying with her. She asked Jacky and her friends to take the 16 year old boy out on a tour of the area. They agreed, and here’s where Jacky starts becoming a spy. Schulyer, Ms. O’Mara’s nephew, went with them to the fudge shop first. While one of Jacky’s friends hit it off with Vicky, one of Jacky’s sisters, Schulyer pocketed some fudge. It was 1991, so stores didn’t have any of those fancy scanners, and people wouldn’t be caught stealing. Luckily, Jacky got him to put it back. Crime averted. I wish I could tell you more, but I have already revealed quite a lot.
 This was a hilarious book that made me laugh every few minutes, and I loved it. I decided not to review the first in this series, and now I’m slapping myself saying “WHY DIDN’T YOU READ THE FIRST ONE!” I loved it so much that I looked to see if a third one was coming soon. I recommend this book for all ages, because everybody deserves a lot of laughs.