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On Your Electronic Device and in Your Gameroom


You won't have to worry about your electronic device running out of battery life in the middle of an intense game of Words with Friends, because Hasbro and Zynga teamed up to come out with the Words with Friends board game. It includes a vivid board, which didn't change from the electronic version, and plastic letters, which is a step up from Scrabble's wood letters. But the letters are printed strangely, and when you place them on your tile holder, you can’t see half of the letter.
One major change is that the rule on the app is that you can pass your turn as many times as you want, but while playing the board game, you can only pass three times, or the game automatically ends. The only other strange thing is that on the cover and on the letter bag, the “W” letter is worth five points, but the “W” letter tile in both the board game and the mobile game is worth four points.
Depending on when and where you buy it, the electronic game ranges from $0 to $3, while the board game is $15 to $20. A nice thing about the board game is that you don’t have to see ads every time you play a word, although the electronic version has special features such as Word-o-Meter, Tile Pile, and The Count.  If you have bought the board game and app, the board game includes an “Ultimate Play Pack,” where you can get those special features for free on your mobile device, which I thought was pretty cool.
The Words with Friends board game provides a family fun night sprinkled in with some rivalry, giggles, and lots of new words.


In this one I guess you can't be automatically resigned because you haven't played for two weeks.

ha ha! :) Nope, but it's weird for me because I have the ad version, and a lot of the ads I see are for the board game!

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