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Articles in "Animals"

The National Western Stock show is a cow haven. Who knew!

           Llamas and alpacas are very different including size and fleece. A llama is almost twice the size of an alpaca!

Who ever thought that poultry can be fun?

If you're a phenomenal fiddler, and want a chance to win some money...

In the heart of Colorado the National Western Stock Show takes place, where visitors and participants from all over America come.   When touring the many buildings housing animals, arts, and much more there were two mammals that fluffed out the most.

  Among the many different livestock shown at the stock show the alpaca, give
back to their owners through the fiber in their fur.

They make things we need. They work in the biggest industry in the world. They are farmers and other people with agricultural jobs. 

I am part of the “Camel” family, originate in South America, and come in twenty-two natural colors. What am I? An Alpaca, of course!

 The rodeo "royals" aren't the only ones getting pretty for the National Western Stock Show.

Don't Whack the Black Widow!

If you have always wondered what is in a barn

Another Jack and Annie adventure!

Fish stocking provides fun for those who don’t mind a few scratches!


You’ve probably ridden a horse for fun, but they can do other things, too!

         Have you ever met a kid who is COMPLETELY obsessed with something? Well, Dave Johnson was that kid. In fact, he loved animals so much- even from his first memory - that when he was about five years old, he pretended to be an ostrich for three whole days. He pecked things and strutted around like an ostrich 24/7 for three days!

A shelter that takes any kinds of animals.

A smile goes on a dogs face when he or she gets adopted. The same happens when a child sees a dog for the first time. 

Where do the kittens and puppies come from, you know the ones in the pet store windows? Or those ones who are in shelters? The answer may surprise you.

The Blue Whale: An Endangered Creature

Matt Rinard has a pet mind of his own. His art has reflection off of him. And when you see his art, you will have a dog 

The contest to name the Downtown Aquarium’s six month old porcupine has finally ended! A winning name has been chosen. Her new name is  . . .

A visit to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Nickie Finnegan

 et al.

Due to the endangered bull elephant species found in southern Asia, the Denver Zoo has worked diligently for 9 years to create the Toyota Elephant Passage.