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Articles in "Animals"

Have you ever been to a circus?  Well, now you can find out how the people get the poor animals to do tricks for you to see... and learn their dirty secret! 

We all love animals. But what if they die? You can't think about getting another one! You just can't... It hurts too much. But what if a friend looks and you and says "Why are you so upset? Just get another one!" Of course, there is nothing like the pet you lost. Could there be another way?

The National Western Stock Show has been around for 106 years and counting. This year was the best in entertainment and hand on activities.

Lights, camera, Stock Show! The NWSS (National Western Stock Show) staff has done it again!

How would you feel if you owned and managed a zoo. That would seem fun. This has actually happened in real life

Recently, I sat down with Ali Eccleston, co-founder of the Animal House rescue in Fort Collins, to talk about dog adoption.

Zachary Smith writes, I just recently saw the movie Happy Feet Two.

Barking, crying, screaming, the sound of pain and abuse!

Antonio Norton writes, There are many misconceptions about global warming.

Beatrice Drew writes, The Puppy Up! all started with a promise to raise canine cancer awareness.

Natalie Bollig writes, There are more than dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature and Science.

The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals is a no-kill large animal sanctuary located in Parker, CO.

Caitlynn Hansen writes, Adventures in Rocky Mountain National ParkRocky Mountain National Park is a place you just can't miss.

The first thing you see when you walk in is a dinosaur staring you down; you get an uneasy feeling...

Elazar Krausz writes, Many movies are meant to be inspirational, but few actually do the job well.

Mia Malden writes, Mitchell Lake Trail is located in Brainard Lake Recreation Center in the Roosevelt National Park just North of Boulder...

Shae Henley writes, If you want an easy pet, try a rodent!

Brytin Staab writes, Service Dogs are very important in this world.

Elazar Krausz writes, Ricky is an animal loving eighth grade boy with 29 animals in his home.

Lauren Huttner writes, The Denver Dumb Friends League is a home all pets who have been abused or their owners can't take care of them anymore.

Deep in the heart of Colorado, is a wild animal sanctuary that is home to dozens of remarkable animals.

Olivia Brett writes, On a recent Sunday, I attended a very unusual, "Pond Party" in Fort Collins.

Sylvie Lamontagne writes, In the alpine tundra of Colorado, snowfall is possible any day of the year.