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Articles in "Animals"

Avery Sherffius writes, The most popular sports are baseball, football, basketball, and soccer.

Anna Hirschmann writes, Horseback riding in Colorado is a wonderful experience.

Beatrice Drew writes, There is one shelter that is the best of the best.

Brytin Staab writes, Scientists are saying that our Earth is getting worse and worse.

Hannah Costa writes, There's nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.

The hilarious movie, Zookeeper, tells a story about how a man is having girl trouble and finds a little help

Sophia Becker writes, When people say you should adopt animals...

Mia Malden writes, Saving a drowning rabbit

Ella Fogarty writes, If you're looking for something to add to your summer reading list...

Christina Tegrotenhuis writes, People have seen beautiful mares and energetic stallions.

Beatrice Drew writes, People can't know everything about our dogs.

Sophia Becker writes, Getting a pet is easy the first time around...

Jensina Bailly writes, In October, Jesse Steele was bulldozing an area for a new reservoir in Snowmass when he hit something.

Carien Hoogwater writes, A review of "Sidekicks," by Dan Santat: Captain Amazing, superhero of Metro City, needs a sidekick.

Rebecca Bloomfield writes, Born to Be Wild was an amazing and inspiring movie!

Mitchell Wolkow writes, You should really read this book, "Bless This Mouse", by Lois Lowry.

Alexander Keating writes, Bless this mouse by Louis Lowry is a fantasy genera novel.

Allyson Malecha writes, "Disney Nature's African Cats" features many extraordinary animals and their children.

Taylor Tichy writes, Guinea Dog by Patrick Jennings is an interesting book with an adorable little guinea pig that acts like a dog.

Holly Bunce writes, Socks by Beverly Cleary is a very interesting story! This book's genre is realistic fiction.

Alexa Scott writes, The Tiger Rising is an amazing realistic fiction book that is written beautifully by Kate DiCamillo.

Adam Hangland writes, The book Cracker is about a German Shepard that fights in the Vietnam War.

Bradley King writes, It was a foggy Sunday morning as I prepared my stuff.

Sophia Becker writes, There are old phrases about cats and their independent minds...