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Articles in "Books"

Melissa Riley writes, Whether you love reading or you're just getting started, a bookclub is a fun thing for everybody.

Tony Yin writes, In language arts, my class is currently reading an all-time classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

Sierra Goldie writes, Recently I have been playing a fun game that was released in August 2007 for Nintendo DS...

Chase Hoven writes, Being a bookworm myself, I couldn't treat myself better than writing a review about the book, Inkheart.

Alexia H. writes, Guinness World Records 2008 is the latest, and greatest, version of the world-renowned record books.

Christiana Holladay writes, My dad and I cooked a fish dinner that we created for my entire family.

Susan Cheng writes, Have you ever even tried imagining what it would be like to be a boy who is a slave...

Jenni Holthus writes, Here is also an interview with Sarah Weeks If you didn't become a writer what would your second and third choices be?

Elana Neiley writes, Danger on the LakeA book review by Elana NeileyJust this summer I got to read the book "Deep and Dark and Dangerous" by ...

Caroline Till writes, Blind mountain is a novel by Jane Resh Thomas.

Charlotte Renken writes, Have you ever wanted to go somewhere were no one could ever find you?

Julia Beatty writes, Atlas of Islands, which is a First Discover Book, is one of many in its series.

Mary Anne Porto writes, "Today...

Rachel Faulkner writes, Recently I had the honor of meeting poet/writer Jerry Spinelli and talking with him about his latest book...

Rachel Faulkner writes, While thumbing through a stack of ancient books in my aunt's attic four years ago...

Chase Hoven writes, Every person in the world has a favorite animal.

Susan Cheng writes, Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to hear, but you parents are deaf?

Taylor Kelly writes, " A bunch of girls you know are at the pool, and you decide to join them.

Rachel Faulkner writes, Recently I have been reading and re-reading all of the American Girl Magazines in my collection; every issuefrom January...

T Paige writes, The book Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? is written by Stanley Coren and is an excellent book.

Taylor Kelly writes, Trixie Belden is a book series about a 14 year old girl named Trixie and her best friend Honey Wheeler.

Lauren Cupp writes, Ok.

Rachel Faulkner writes, Have you ever wished that you could see exactly where your book has been? Well, now you can!

Bailey Cross writes, Do you girls out there want to read a good book, learn some fun manners, and be enchanted all before school starts?