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Articles in "Books"

“The Elementia Chronicles: Quest for Justice” by Sean Fay Wolfe is the first book in a trilogy of unofficial Minecraft fanfiction. The book follows the adventures of Stan2012 (Stan), and his new friends KingCharles_XIV (Charlie) and KitKat783 (Kat) as they seek justice and battle for their survival in the server of Elementia.

Me and Miranda Mullaly by Jake Gerhandt is a story about Sam Dolan, Duke Samagura, “Chollie” Muller and the famous Miranda Muallay.

In the Secrets of Solace by Jaleigh Johnson, Lina

Theodore Boone is on yet another case, but this time at his own school!

Jacky Ha-Ha, the Story of a Middle School Jokester

Pram has always know that she’s different. She always been able to see and hear things that no one else can: ghosts. However, she will soon learn that not everyone who knows about her ability will use it for good…

Alice has grown up. But after meddling with time and encountering many things from Wonderland’s past, will she be able to part with her childhood and Wonderland?


Nature is full of mysterious, and can seem magical at times. However, not all people fully appreciate the wonders of the environment. “Bayou Magic” by Jewell Parker Rhodes shares the story of Maddy, a ten year old girl that understands the importance of nature, even when her sisters do not.

Family is important, even when they have different ideas.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Tim Howard - Stories about These Athletes (and More!) That Overcame Mental and Physical Disabilities As Children

   Wars have a bad effect on people as Annabelle, in the book Wolf Hollow, experiences with an old army World War I veteran, Toby.

Twelve year old Jayson Barnes is forced to live on his own in a book about survival and basketball. 

Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man - Which side are you on???

Sherman Alexie's newest story features a young boy in search of his identity, and has special meaning behind it too.

Everything is going smoothly in Joplin until there is a twisted tornado turn in this book . . .

Did you ever want to learn about Native American history, but didn't want to weed through the excruciatingly complex pages of books that probably made you want to sleep right on the spot? Well, I believe I've got the solution - A book that follows Native American history, but with characters and true facts.

Do aliens really exist? Find out by reading this funny little story.

Jump into this book and be taken on an exciting adventure through Germany.

We could all use a little more time in a day to get things done, but imagine if a day lasted for 14 years instead of 24 hours.   

          There are times when hidden underneath the illusion of an average day, are strange and sometimes frightening occurrences. Sometimes, people get pulled into these peculiar events and their lives become changed forever.

Hank vs. Judith in a cooking battle. Two elementary school kids in the kitchen. What could go wrong?

When a tumor is discovered in the skull of Emily Wing Smith, her whole world is turned upside down. The thing is, it was upside down to begin with.