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A fascinating book about a middle school kid and his robotic family . . .

 A new movie comes out. Everything is perfect. The buzz feed level is high, all is ready. Until the set starts receiving threats, but this is not part of the movie.

“Think before you speak,” this quote is in fact said so often that you would believe people would listen to it.

Life can never be normal again for Jimmy Struges  and his Father Jim Struges Sr as they face trolls to win back  their freedom in The  Novel Troll Hunters

When people hear the name Superman and Batman they immediately know that the 2 superheroes are being mentioned.

 The year is 1776. America’s first spy, Nathan Hale, is about to be hung for crimes against Britain.

Vivian Weigel

 et al.

  Deborah Wiles, the author of Countdown and Revolution is remixing writing.

The book Moving Target is about a girl named Cassie Arroyo who is going on adventure with her with her two friends, Simon and Asher.

 The five elements collide in Cassandra Clare’s and Holly Black’s new addition to the Magisterium quintet, The Copper Gauntlet!

“Think before you speak,” this quote is, in fact, said so often that you would believe people would listen to it.

Wolves, although fascinating, are not made to be kept as pets. Feo, a young girl, knows this. She was raised as a wolf wilder, which means she takes pet wolves people don’t want anymore and untames them. This allows them to survive in the wilderness, like they are meant to do. “The Wolf Wilder” by Katherine Rundell tells the story of Feo as she goes on an impressive journey.

Kung Fu Panda 3, Panda Power

“ Creature Keepers and the Swindled Soil-Soles” by Peter Nelson & Rohitash Rao

Rip and Red are beginning a new fifth grade year and expecting another normal boring year of schooling. But when they arrive in the classroom they meet their new teacher, a tattooed hippie named Mr. Acevedo with some interesting teaching methods.

Have you ever wondered how authors write there stories? Or where they get an idea from? If you answered yes, then I have the book for you. Been There Done That edited by Mike Winchell, and includes authors like Caroline Starr Rose, Chris Rylander, and more!

 How to be Brave is a wildly inappropriate book that is more like an R-rated chick flick than a Young Adult novel. 

An unexpected friendship leads to wings and a great story.

The book I Funny is about Jamie Grimm, a boy in middle school who wants to become a comedian, but he is in a wheelchair and has a big secret. 

Beth is a pretty normal 12 year old girl. But, her dream is to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and she will do anything to get that part. When her theater is in jeopardy and the owner wants to make the theater into an adult theater, Beth thinks that she may never get the chance to follow her dreams. 

March's life changes forever when his father tumbles from a rooftop, instructing him with his dying breath to find his twin sister, Jules, whom March doesn't know at all. But mysterious things are at play, and the newly-reunited siblings must work together to do the impossible... before it's too late.

Many young children dream of being a great hero at least once in their lives; “League of Seven: The Dragon Lantern” by Alan Gratz, illustrated by Brett Helquist, gives great insight of what life as a young hero may be like.

Ellie is a normal 11-year-old girl; she has a best friend, loving home, and pet goldfish named Goldie. She also happens to have a mad scientist who’s fascinated with immortality as a grandfather.  

Foxes are known for being tricky and sly, mysterious and cunning. However, they must learn their secrets of survival some way or another. “Foxcraft: The Taken” by Inbali Iserles captures this thought skillfully.

Plague. “An epidemic disease that causes high mortality; pestilence.” Imagine that running through your town.