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Growing up with the dream of being a hunter, Casey is excited when it is finally his birthday. He wants to be able to hunt an animal in the forest near his home, not the ones in his video game. Nashoba is simply an old wolf, that will have to lead the pack with the help of a wise bird.

Suzy Swanson has always understood things that others haven’t. But she doesn’t understand why Franny Jackson, her best friend and a great swimmer, drowned. But things become clearer on a school field trip to the aquarium, where Suzy sees an exhibit containing a rare jellyfish with a deadly sting. Could this creature be the cause of Franny's death? 

“The Dragonsitter” by Josh Lacey is not your typical book. It is the very first book made completely out of e-mails. 

‘Boy’s Best Friend’ by Kate Banks and Rupert Sheldrake is about two boys named George Masson and Lester Shoe, and their dogs, Bart and Bill Gates, respectively. Lester is the new kid who moved to Cape Cod (where the story takes place) from Denver. He likes mustard, and has quite a bit of trouble fitting in. George is a slightly depressed boy, whose best friend moved to North Carolina a while back.

In Buzz Aldrin’s new book, Welcome to Mars: Making A Home on the Red Planet, there is valuable information related to creating your ho

Treasure Hunters is the third story in the series about the Kidd family racing across the globe trying to find hidden World War 2 artifacts in order to free their mom from kidnappers.

“The Secret Cipher” by Whitaker Ringwald is a story that tells us everyone needs love, hope and faith. Ringwald did a great job with the characters in this book.

“Monster Hunters Unlimited, Man-Monsters and Animal Horrors” by John Gatehouse and Dave Windett is a monster encyclopedia for kids.  Includes top secret contents for hunting lots of monsters.  "DISCLAIMER: Anyone who goes monster-hunting does so at his or her own risk. We cannot be held responsible for our readers turning into vampires, werewolves, zombies, or assorted baddies."

"The Poe Estate", a fantasy-adventure that all fantasy fans are bound to adore! This novel has everything a fiction ever has
had: flying broomsticks, pirate's treasure, haunted houses and so much more!


“Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?” (All the Wrong Questions) by Lemony Snicket is about a young detective, also named Lemony Snicket, who tries to solve the murder of a librarian.

You think your granny is cranky? Check out Stan's! Don't let her fingers get even close to your ear! And Geri? Don't get close to her! Everything else? Phew! You're in for a ride!

Want to see cool buildings in Minecraft, or cool inspiration for your own buildings? Try this book out!

“This Broken Wondrous World” by Jon Skovron is a book is about monsters who live around the world.  

Middle school can be rough for anyone, but add kisses, crushes, and trying to figure out your purpose in life to your schoolwork and it can become a real mess. 

Ever feel like you're invisible? Jacques Papier knows the feeling too well.

Arrgh!!  This book is about a land loving pirate and his adventures on his boat the 'The Land Lady' 

          Many animals have adapted to life in the city, such as raccoons, mice, squirrels, and foxes. C. Alexander London has managed to write a tale that will make readers ponder about what these creatures are really doing.

After Claudette defeats a giant she is determined for another adventure. 

Taking place in Hillsborough, Vermont, Mimi Oliver feels out of place. Everyone is acting as if she is from an alien planet and all that she wants to do is join wood shop and compete in the annual “Science Groove”. 

An overused plot combined with description that drags on and on makes a book no one would want to read

“My brother is a superhero” by David Solomons, is an exciting book about Zack, a 12 year old kid, who is turned into a superhero when a space ship shows up out of no where.

The Beaumont family is nothing close to a normal family.