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Ever feel like you're invisible? Jacques Papier knows the feeling too well.

Arrgh!!  This book is about a land loving pirate and his adventures on his boat the 'The Land Lady' 

          Many animals have adapted to life in the city, such as raccoons, mice, squirrels, and foxes. C. Alexander London has managed to write a tale that will make readers ponder about what these creatures are really doing.

After Claudette defeats a giant she is determined for another adventure. 

Taking place in Hillsborough, Vermont, Mimi Oliver feels out of place. Everyone is acting as if she is from an alien planet and all that she wants to do is join wood shop and compete in the annual “Science Groove”. 

An overused plot combined with description that drags on and on makes a book no one would want to read

“My brother is a superhero” by David Solomons, is an exciting book about Zack, a 12 year old kid, who is turned into a superhero when a space ship shows up out of no where.

The Beaumont family is nothing close to a normal family.

A book that shows the behind the scenes of the fiction ghosting-hunting show, called "The Passport to the Paranormal."

“When the Earth Shakes” is an educational book written by Simon Winchester who is a geologist that became a writer. In this particular book he writes about earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. 

The most captivating thing about John Green is the way in which he can write such powerful stories that tug on your heart strings, and play on your emotions while flawlessly connecting you to the characters and carrying you through the story. This mastery of writing is clearly displayed in Green’s novel, “Paper Towns.”

“The Girl in the Torch” is an exciting and emotional realistic fiction novel about Sarah, a young girl immigrating to America in hopes of a new start and a brighter future. 

Jack, Alexander, Frances, and Harold are back in the third installment of the Wanderville series, and this time they are on their way to the World's Fair in St. Louis.

"Ranger’s Apprentice, The Early Years” is the prequel to the 12 book Ranger’s Apprentice series. We learn about what happened before Morgarath is driven out of Castle Gorlan and the kingdom of Araluen.

A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder is a book that will help you zone into the dragon’s world. It all begins when Mrs.

The main character is faced with the decision of choosing what's right or protecting her older brother and risking being caught.

The Education of Ivy Blake by Ellen Airgood

A powerful politician, who is running for president, and is a long-lost father!? The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne is a realistic fiction story that tells about a girl named Kate Quinn Cooper, 16, who unexpectedly finds out that her long-lost father, Senator Cooper, is running for president.

A graphic novel about a robot and a little girl, designed for very young readers.

59 million girls-wow! That's a lot of girls to be in one organization. My story tells a lot about the founder of the Girl Scouts, so keep reading!

     It's 1587 and young Alis has just moved from England, and now lives in Roanoke. Her family and the settlement group live peacefully in Roanoke. Until, they find out there are Indians on the land. 

The war is the thing that started the Gods’ rage. But this war is the type that some God in particular loves, that he can’t do anything but join in…that is Ares, The God of War.

Join Hylas and Pirra on their exciting journey to save the land of Keftiu or possibly... destroy it.

     The wait is over… Book two of the Accelerati Trilogy, Edison’s Alley, by Neal