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July twentieth which is today happens to be international journalism day along with the day that we have the youth journalism event to attend. We started the day off with listening to many speakers talk about what it takes to be in their profession. Along with meeting a professor on campus who is in the industrial designing business.

A review of video editing taught by a professor.

The steps for editing a interview/video.

 Today Mr. Seeber showed campers from Youth Journalism Day the great Auraria Library.

Holly Arnold Kidney, she who naps with bears, is an author, a publisher, and the manager of a restaurant. She owned a bear named Sissy and a German Shepherd name∂ lobo.

The 4th prime minister of Israel was Golda Meir and she was a very successful person for here time. She was born in Kiev Ukraine on May 3rd 1969 and moved to Colorado when she was 9. She became a member of a town, and then was chosen to be the 4th prime minister. She died on December 8th 1978.

Meteorology is a study of weather. Walk into a meteroligists life and find out about their day to day life and what extreme wheather events they have seen.

Youth Journalism Day team learns about the hospitality and tourism department.

On July 21, 2016 we went to the Hospitality Learning Center, Jimi Webb gave us a tour of the building.

Youth Journalism Day Team visits Hospitality and Tourism Department

Since the 1930s, Legos have been evolving from wooden ducks to the plastic bricks we know today. Legos were invented in 1932, but they actually started out as wooden ducks. Where did the word ‘Lego” come from?

Pretty much everyone has either played with or heard of Legos at some point in their life, and we can all remember waking up on Christmas morning a unwrapping the new Lego set we had wanted all year. However, only a few people actually know about Lego’s unique history. 

Since 1980 Lego has been developing a department called Lego Education. Today students got an experience with Lego Education. The Lego Education consultant’s name was Layne Rainey who took them on their journey.

In the Metropolitan State University (MSU) there are many facilities that students can use and also work for. Here, there is a fitness loft, a multi purpose gym, an outdoor adventure center, fitness center, and a dance studio. There is also a pool, but it no longer functions.

In Downtown Denver there are three schools that all have the same campus. 

The Recreational Facility is the only facility in Colorado that serves 3 colleges all in one! The Recreational Facility serve Metropolitan State University[MSU], University of Colorado at Denver [UCD], and the Community College of Denver.

A group of students with The Denver Post Youth Journalism Day interviewed Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions at Metropolitan State University of Denver, a large public school located in downtown Denver on July 21.

Kira Zizzo

 et al.

   Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions for Metropolitan State University of Denver advised journalists on college expenses and early preparation in-training on July 21 during The Denver Post Journalism Day

Today, kids from across the Front Range came together at Metropolitan State University for Youth Journalism Day. Youth Journalism Day only happens once a year.

My tour of the Recreational Facilities at the Auraria Campus.

At the Hospitality Center students learn the culinary skills to become a chef.

Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Associate Director of Campus Recreation and personal trainer Louie Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Associate Director of Campus Recreation and personal trainer Louie MorphewMorphew

Mrs. Virginia White met with Youth Journalism Day students on July 21, 2016.

On July 21, 2016, Chairman of the Journalism Technical Communications, Bob Amend, and Director Matt Keller took time out of their day to inform a group of students about digital broadcasting by giving them a tour of a broadcasting facility.