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Articles in "Camp"

I went to the library and did an interview on a librarian.

Did you know at the Denver Public library summer reading program participants in 2011 was 39,903? If anybody needs help the librarians know what to do everybody there is very helpful and nice.

Find out about what the the 10th Mountain Division went through and how tough they were.

Isabel Beckler

 et al.

  Next gen. summer camp learns about Tenth Mountain Division.

Kellie has been working at the Denver public library for 9 years. She told us how library books make it to the library.

Denver post camp goes to the library and learns about technology. 

We went to the library

Madison Taylor

 et al.

All about Officer Kenny Brown and his partner Duke.

this is about a interview with one of Denver publics librarians.

the Tenth Mountain Division was highly experienced in combat skills and skiing abilities that help America Beat Germany.  

Colorado History Museum gets new space and plans to make the most of it.

We went to the Colorado History Center to examine the newest museum in downtown Denver. We explored the Destination Colorado exhibit that transports you back to the 1920’s.

While at The Denver Public Library our group interviewed a librarian named Kellie. She really enjoys her job as a librarian in the teen section and has been working for nine years!

 This police dog has a  special job as well as  special  training.

       Kellie Cannon was happy to tell me about teen books.

An interview with Denver Public Library librarian holds surprises.

"This Is The Best Article I've Ever Read"
-Keita Aylesworth

Colorado History Museum reopens with new family friendly interactive exhibits. 

Abby Jablonsky

 et al.

Today we learned about a talented dog Duke.

Summer camp takes trip to library, and learns about book system.

You will have to read it to find out!

Learn more about canine officers. This was a pretty cool learning experience.

Kade Applegate

 et al.

Duke the K-9 cop and Kenny Brown. 

Learn about the 10th mountain division!