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Articles in "Cool Teachers"

Justin Ford writes, On January 24, 2009 I had the honor of representing West Jefferson Middle School at the Optimist Brain Bowl.

Dannika Harris writes, What is McTeacher? Well, have you ever heard of McDonalds? Of course you have.

Jordan Adolph writes, This Monday through Wednesday our school took a trip to Estes Park...

Jordan Adolph writes, This Saturday I took time out of my "precious" weekend to take a class about Safety For Girls.

Christiana Holladay writes, Young AmeriTowne teaches kids about businesses and much more.

Alan Campbell writes, Education and Politics.

Dannika Harris writes, It seems like only yesterday that the teachers said have a nice summer vacation.

Alan Campbell writes, Have the presidential campaigns inspired your life? If so this story is just for you.

Alan Campbell writes, Has the presidential campaign inspired your life? If so this story is just for you.

Sara Hiner writes, Our class is reading The Esstential 55 by Ron Clark.

Danielle Turner writes, CSAP, Colorado State Assesment Performance test, is what it stands for.

Tony Yin writes, Every year, my school has a fun raiser called the Hospice Drive.

Joanna Schumacher writes, Golden High School- On Friday the 16 th, countless kids made their way through the doors of Golden High School.

Ashley Windom writes, It's time again when middle school starts, every ones worried about middle school.

Sylvie N. writes, 7:30-8:00 Sign in, breakfast8:00-8:30 Day Overview, receive T-shirts and instructions.

Rachel Bilys writes, Next generation speaker Stevan Kalmon began his talk on advanced technology with a hi-tech survey.

Lindsay Lundberg writes, It takes a lot to become a journalist, and that's why we came today.

Ashley Windom writes, Journalism DayWe were ready for today, ready to learn the skills to be a journalist.

Meaghan Payne writes, Joseph Kerski teaches Geo Science to grades three-eight.

Lauren Mitchell writes, In prediction of Steven Kalmon...

Hannah Duran writes, Hey, do you want to know something amazing? Some collage students did a study about information.

Will O'Bryan writes, The world is changing very fast...

Isabel Vandemoer writes, The earth is changing quickly, and technology is driving the next wave.

Ashley Windom writes, Every year the sixth grade classes from Thunder Ridge go up to Snow Mountain Ranch.