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Articles in "Family & Friends"

Melissa Riley writes, My family's' Memorial Day tradition is to go to the Bolder Boulder 10K.

Anna Brandner writes, On Memorial Day, my family often goes to the beach in South Carolina.

Reagan Tate writes, Environmental Learning forKids'(ELK) a Denver-based...

Mandy Billups writes, Memorial day is a giggle-stuffed day for my family and me.

Sophia Becker writes, All of us school-goers are holding our breath for the school year to be OVER!

Sophia Becker writes, This Mother's Day this year is Sunday, May Eighth.

Dannika Harris writes, We have all heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and some of us have heard of Mark Wood...

Alec Grover writes, Who would want to live on the prairie? Well, if you are interested in a book that has action and maybe sadness in it.

Kalah Cuddy writes, Lara and the moon colored filly bY Kathleen Duey is a amazing drama story told from the native american point of veiw.

Sophia Becker writes, Everyone knows that it feels good to do something nice for someone else, so why not give it a shot this Easter?

Samantha Barger writes, Julian, dream doctor is fun for the family and a amazing read aloud.

Cydney Billups writes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules the movie was not very similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the first movie).

Mandy Billups writes, "Like the Willow Tree" is the diary of Lydia Amelia Pierce living in Portland, Maine.

Bradley King writes, It was a foggy Sunday morning as I prepared my stuff.

Erin Moriarty writes, This Child Every Child - A Book About the World's Children, by David J.

Kaley Barnes writes, Bethany Hamilton is a girl who has been through more than just going on professional surfing tours.

Lauren Zitti writes, At a wonderful school called Kinard Middle School that I attend...

Mandy Billups writes, It's 6:00 and dinner has just begun.

Christian Liley writes, Jack in the box has FINALLY opened!

Zoe Knight writes, On February 2 nd of 2011, the Mizel Museum opened its first permanent exhibit to the public.

Taylor Kelly writes, Amanda is a mystery.

Melissa Kaiser writes, This book, "11 Birthdays" by Wendy Mass is one of the most interesting books you'll ever read.

Anna Brandner writes, In Good Luck Ivy...

Courtney Cox writes, Over four hundred people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends and learn more about the people that they meet online...