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Articles in "Family & Friends"

Julia Foran writes, CRASH.

Melissa Kaiser writes, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in the Islands of Adventure park, wich is in Universal Studios, Orlando.

Zack Frongillo writes, Resonantly I visited the White Fence Farm.

Dannika Harris writes, If someone would say I saw dragons on the lake, I would say they were full of it.

Sophia Becker writes, On July 18, 2010, the Becker family met the friendly huskies at Snow Caps Sled Dogs Kennels in Breckenridge, CO.

Meghan Sharma writes, If you're a history fanatic...

Gavin Pero writes, The dragon boats tenth festival has come to an end.

Katharine Nevel writes, Ramona and Beezus is a sweet film about how a girl learns to love and respect her family.

Maddie Solomon writes, Where do you go when you crave a delicious meal?

Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, I'm sure many have read the classic book, Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary.

Emma Selner writes, I was strolling through town...

Meghan Sharma writes, The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a movie that'll please all Harry Potter fans and magic lovers.

Sara Hughes writes, Universal Studio's newest hit for summer is "Despicable Me".

Sara Hughes writes, I watched the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service, brilliantly directed by Hayao MiyazakiI, and escaped into every situation!

Bailey Cross writes, "Standing Ovation," rated PG, puts a new twist on the classic tale of the American Dream.

Meghan Sharma writes, If you were chosen to fight to the death, how would you feel? You probably wouldn't feel too good-more likely, horrible.

Bailey Cross writes, Grade: A- If you're a human living on planet Earth...

Kaitlyn Sudolnik writes, Have you ever gone camping?

Bailey Cross writes, It's that time again!

Zoe Knight writes, Ever wonder about what kinds of houses ancient civilizations lived in or what kind of food they ate?

Bridget Galaty writes, Here today, gone tomorrow! Every year, my family and I visit the Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square.

Isabelle Aboaf writes, You have probably never seen anything like it.

Isabelle Aboaf writes, Once upon a time...

Melissa Kaiser writes, Garden of the Gods is an amazing place.