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Articles in "General"

“Tell your mother to do as we say... or we go to the police.” Southern Gothic by Bridgette R. Alexander is a realistic mystery about 16 year-old Celine Caldwell, who finds herself enveloped in a thrilling case with her powerful curator mother as the suspect. However, it turns out that not everything is as it seems.

As technology, society, and education rapidly changes, the next generation prepares for a world of transformation!

The most important thing in football is having the correct technique. The focus of this camp hosted by Von Miller is to build the correct technique, and attitude.

“We is in Dream Country. This is where all dreams is beginning.”

Yet another quest the famous fish embark on.

The popular People's Fair is a Denver arts and culture event whose rapidly increasing attendance gives insight into population and economic boom of Denver.


"Someone may be stealing their memories, but this is one summer they'll never forget..."

The Angry Birds get angry when the pigs come and steal the birds precious eggs.

Long ago, women didn't have equal rights as men. 

“Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse” is an action packed monster novel about a thirteen year old monster masher. 

In a world without sound, how can someone start to hear? In Soundless, by bestselling author Richelle Mead, a young Chinese artist named Fei hears a call to action so that she can find a voice to save her home. 

Spring is here! The birds are chirping and a fresh feeling of renewal has crept into all of our bones. Now is the time to explore the outdoors.

Robot Revolution, an incredible exhibit for ages 4 to 400, now open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

People watching. Lights glowing. The pronouncer speaks. “Vichyssoise. A thick, cold soup made of puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock.” Will you get it? Will you miss it?

The samurai; noble warriors of Japan, are explored in the Denver Art Museum's latest exhibit; Samurai, The Collection of Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller.

Recently, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosted the Girls and Science event.

Cynthia Lord is a down to Earth, sweet, and humble author who was at the Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) conference recently. She is the author of Rules, Touchblue, A Handful of Stars, the Shelter Pet Squad Series, and the Hot Rod Hamster Series.

Author who wrote first book at 14 presents Young Writers' Award

Steve Spangler came to the Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) Conference. He gave a presentation aimed at inspiring the teachers at the conference.

If you are a Doctor Who fan I would definitely check out this awesome coloring book!

Labels are unavoidable, however people are more than only their label.

Time for the annual CCIRA conference and this year award winning author, Judy Rose was there! 

“War of the World Records” by Matthew Ward
This thriller is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Every chapter leaves you with a devastatingly awesome cliffhanger. Once you open this book, you will never want to close it.