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An electrifying series

Ronan, Greta, and Sammy are excited for their first mission as secret agents, but are they the only ones "undercover"? 

Colm Candorly was a farm boy. Now he is... a Dungeoneer.

Sony Pictures new movie Pixels turned out to be much better than the trailer led on. Intense in some scenes, though perfectly rated as PG13, I would say Pixels was an overall hit.

It doesn’t take much to touch another life, show support and make a difference for someone who is going through a difficult time.  


Minions is a movie produced by Illumination Entertainment and it is about the minions (voice by Pierre Coffin) especially, Stuart, Kevin and Bob. The movie tells the story of the minions taking place before the Despicable Me movies. It explains many things that might not have been clear about the minions before.

Have you ever wondered what ducks and pigs do on a farm? They have adventures! This book is funny, adventurous, and filled with farts.

     Deciphering, decoding, and delight for young children!

Roominate Studio, the hands on toy that makes learning STEM skills fun for girls!.... or does it?

One exciting adventure about friendship and loyalty.

Aislyn has always been the teenager has stayed away from parties and choked when she spoke to strangers but then one day she is offered a illegal gene therapy to make her less shy. When she takes it the effects are instant and everyone loves her, but then she notices the people around her are changing too. What will  she do?

The Human Anatomy Puzzle is a fun activity you can do by yourself or with your family and friends!

The book Finding the Worm by Mark Goldblatt is about a 13-year-old boy about to have his bar mitzvah named Julian Twerski.

     Castle-like formations tattooed with bright colors tower above as you walk along the trail. Stepping through the maze of bizarre rock structures, you peer in awe at layers of sparkling white, canary yellow, shiny orange, and striking pink clay. This is the Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

Today during our tour of the State Capitol of Colorado we saw many amazing and fascinating things, but there are some really crazy cool stuff there, and I am going to talk about it.

You are going to learn about  the  State Capital.

Virgil Ortiz was very unique in his form of art. He kept the native tradition, but along the years he sided with the future. Ortiz’ exhibit really caught my attention.

After a behind the scenes experience at the Denver Art Museum, a group of eight students learned what it takes to preserve the objects and textiles.


 Explosion of gold covers the walls, the Colorado state capitol is beautiful. 

At the Denver Art Museum more goes on than meets the eye. Most of the art you see has been through many cleaning processes.

 The Colorado Capital building is filled with secrets and wonders, here they are.

The Byers-Evans house/mansion (Victoria) tour is an experience like no other. It is like stepping into a time machine and going back in time to the early 1900’s. The house has ornate decor; glittering crystal chandeliers, mahogany rugs the color of a vibrant sunset, fireplaces adorned by pale candles and the feeling of the connection and family love that once engulfed the house.

The Byers-Evans house, otherwise known as Victoria, is a house that was occupied for 98 years. Victoria was built in 1883, and was active all throughout the years till 1981. A total of 10 Evans have lived in this mansion, not including countless servants. In 1984, this house was owned by John Evans (1814 - 1897) and Margaret Gray (1830 - 1906), husband and wife. John was known for being the second territory governor. They had a total of three kids, whose names were William, the oldest, Evan, middle, and Anne, youngest. The only person from this list who had kids was William. His spouse was Cornelia Lunt, and they had four children of their own. But today, we will focus on Anne Evans, artistic daughter of John and Margaret Evans.