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 The Colorado Capital building is filled with secrets and wonders, here they are.

The Byers-Evans house/mansion (Victoria) tour is an experience like no other. It is like stepping into a time machine and going back in time to the early 1900’s. The house has ornate decor; glittering crystal chandeliers, mahogany rugs the color of a vibrant sunset, fireplaces adorned by pale candles and the feeling of the connection and family love that once engulfed the house.

The Byers-Evans house, otherwise known as Victoria, is a house that was occupied for 98 years. Victoria was built in 1883, and was active all throughout the years till 1981. A total of 10 Evans have lived in this mansion, not including countless servants. In 1984, this house was owned by John Evans (1814 - 1897) and Margaret Gray (1830 - 1906), husband and wife. John was known for being the second territory governor. They had a total of three kids, whose names were William, the oldest, Evan, middle, and Anne, youngest. The only person from this list who had kids was William. His spouse was Cornelia Lunt, and they had four children of their own. But today, we will focus on Anne Evans, artistic daughter of John and Margaret Evans.

Learn about the Goverments.

 The Denver Public Library in downtown Denver is a hub of Colorado and genealogy information. 

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Victoria, the name of the house used by The Byers-Evans family was built in 1883. The house was originally built for William N. Beyers. Beyers originally printed the Rocky Mountain News on April 23rd, 1859. Beyers became close friends with John Evans, The former governor of Denver.

Elizabeth Byers, and Margaret Evans were wives of these men.
William Evans, John Evans’s son bought the home in 1889. William and his wife, Cornelia moved into the home with their children, John and Josephine. During the next 5 years, daughters Katherine, and Margaret were born. William Beyers had 2 children named Mollie and Frank.

John Evans named Mount Evans after himself and the Evans family had a ranch at the bottom on the mountain. He was born on March 9th, 1814 in Waynesville, Ohio. He died July 2nd, 1897 in Denver, CO. The Beyers house is 2 stories, has about 20 rooms and has been around for 122 years. Margret Gray Beyers was born in 1830 and died in 1906 

Eight students go to art museum for a behind-the-scenes view!

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Today I, as well as other kids my age participated in Youth Journalism Day, learning how to write reviews, blogs, articles, how to interview, also we learned about photography. Later in the day, we took a trip to the World Trade Center, to practice these skills. At the World Trade Center, we spoke with Amber Kollman about the importance of traveling, as well as how to get more people to travel, specifically in Colorado.

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At The downtown Denver Public Library, there are many different subjects to explore. Two of the many subjects are history and Genealogy.

Colorado is a major tourist attraction for people across the world. Colorado is a place for skiing, hiking, amusement parks, sporting events, or just a night on the town in downtown Denver with great food, drinks, and entertainment.

Colorado is a place of many adventures that many tourist travel to see. Some places in Colorado welcome tourists.

Colorado is a major tourist attraction for people across the world. Colorado is a place for skiing, hiking, amusement parks, sporting events, or just a night on the town in downtown Denver with great food, drinks, and entertainment.

I have lived in Colorado for my whole life, which is 13 years. In my lifetime I have had the chance to visit both the Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park.

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A cartoonist named Ed Stein works his magic with pieces of everyday art.

My article talks about the famous cartoonist, Ed Stein, and what he does.

Learning about the Colorado Government

The Denver Public Library located in downtown Denver may seem like a normal library, but in fact it is chock full of absolutely fantastic information. 

During the Denver Post Youth Journalism Day, group 9 or the Technology Titans encountered and interviewed the professional photographer, Brent Lewis.They interviewed Lewis to discover what it is like in the life of a photographer working at the Denver Post.

During the Denver Post’s Youth Journalism Day, the ninth team of participants talked to Brent Lewis, a photographer who works for the Denver Post. Lewis told the kids how he became a photographer and talked about his strategies when taking pictures. 

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 The people of Colorado are thrilled. More tourists are coming to Denver which means less taxes for the average family.

Learn about Denver Public Library's western history collection including the 10th Mountain Division!

     Calling all history lovers, people of all ages, anyone who misses the kid in themselves! Toys from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are being shown at History Colorado Center, complete with Sara Lee, slinkies, Star Wars action figures, and many more! Saturday, June 13th will open up this masterpiece fit for nostalgic adults and amazed kids!

We interviewed Brent Lewis a photographer for the Denver Post.