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Photography is both beautiful and an art. Photographer Brent Lewis explains his inspiration for picture taking.

She's sassy, stylish, and inspiring, Molly Hughes, Denver Post reporter. 

Rachel McMillan

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Tourism. When we think of it, we picture overweight Americans in floral shirts and fanny packs. But what we don’t immediately think of is how it can help us, help our state. The impact it has on us is very surprising.

If you are interested in genealogy then you should go to the denver public library is then great place to start.

Kacey Holliger

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Ed Stein is a cartoonist, he did work for the Rocky Mountain News.

The fifties, sixties and seventies were a memorable time period, and perhaps the most influential part of this time were the toys that everyone enjoyed. From Barbie to Roy Rodgers, these toys are going to be shown on June 13 at the History Colorado Center.

A history making collection of toys are available starting  Saturday  June 13 at the History Colorado center.

We got to meet Jeffrey Bennett, a space scientist, and interview him. 

On Saturday June 13th the toy exhibit will be open to all families so they can learn about the many toys of the 50s -70s.This exhibit will connect with many’s childhood. These toys seem like old friends. I feel nostalgic walking through this exhibit.¨ Director of Public Relations,Deborah Radman, said ,¨The 50s and 60s parts feel like deja vu to me. It is like walking down memory lane.¨

We got to interview a space scientist, and learn about his life and his books. 

Here is an interview with the author Jeffrey Bennett.

Coty Carmack

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Saturday, the public can experience how it was to be a child during the 50's, 60's and 70's. 

Ed Stein is a cartoonist who has been drawing since third grade.

This is my interview with Jeffrey Bennett!

We got to interview a space scientist: Jeffrey Bennett, who has also written many books.

 Jeffrey Bennett is a Author of 6 collage textbooks, 5 children's books, and a few adult books. But he didn't start out that way.

Young AmeriTowne is a bridge between being a kid (having loads of fun) and learning important information that will be used later in life.

While many people have head of the lost boys of Sudan, Leah Bassoff and Laura DeLuca strive to tell the story of South Sudanese female refugees.

The Denver Zoo has a new surprise! On March fourth, a second Steller Sea Eagle chick has been born! Not fully fledged yet, the chick is already a magnificent bird. It is nearly two months old and is slowly growing in adult feathers. The Denver Zoo is overjoyed to have this special opportunity to raise these amazing eagles.

West Middle School in Greenwood Village has a very special way of giving thanks to veterans every Memorial Day.

The Rockman twins thought they were done with evil bunnies, but when a mysterious rocket lands by the old tissue factory they have no choice but to take up arms.

This interactive exhibit at the Muesem of Nature and Science can transport you 6, 875 miles and hundreds of years to Ancient Asia.

The El Movimiento exhibit at the History Colorado Center reminds us of the important role that Colorado played during the Chicano Rights Movement.

In this fast-paced, high tech world it is refreshing to experience a little "Quiet Wonder. "