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The Denver Public Library located in downtown Denver may seem like a normal library, but in fact it is chock full of absolutely fantastic information. 

During the Denver Post Youth Journalism Day, group 9 or the Technology Titans encountered and interviewed the professional photographer, Brent Lewis.They interviewed Lewis to discover what it is like in the life of a photographer working at the Denver Post.

During the Denver Post’s Youth Journalism Day, the ninth team of participants talked to Brent Lewis, a photographer who works for the Denver Post. Lewis told the kids how he became a photographer and talked about his strategies when taking pictures. 

Madison Martin

 et al.

 The people of Colorado are thrilled. More tourists are coming to Denver which means less taxes for the average family.

Learn about Denver Public Library's western history collection including the 10th Mountain Division!

     Calling all history lovers, people of all ages, anyone who misses the kid in themselves! Toys from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are being shown at History Colorado Center, complete with Sara Lee, slinkies, Star Wars action figures, and many more! Saturday, June 13th will open up this masterpiece fit for nostalgic adults and amazed kids!

We interviewed Brent Lewis a photographer for the Denver Post.

Before 1955 there were no kid-based advertisements. This kind of information can be found at the History Colorado Center in the new Toys exhibit. 

“ Doctor of the Art” she considers herself.

Without even knowing, tourists can help Colorado families with their taxes. 

"I'm not creating things, I'm just capturing moments."

Today I went to the History Colorado Center to see the unopened " Toys" exhibit.Luct

Photography is both beautiful and an art. Photographer Brent Lewis explains his inspiration for picture taking.

She's sassy, stylish, and inspiring, Molly Hughes, Denver Post reporter. 

Rachel McMillan

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Tourism. When we think of it, we picture overweight Americans in floral shirts and fanny packs. But what we don’t immediately think of is how it can help us, help our state. The impact it has on us is very surprising.

If you are interested in genealogy then you should go to the denver public library is then great place to start.

Kacey Holliger

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Ed Stein is a cartoonist, he did work for the Rocky Mountain News.

The fifties, sixties and seventies were a memorable time period, and perhaps the most influential part of this time were the toys that everyone enjoyed. From Barbie to Roy Rodgers, these toys are going to be shown on June 13 at the History Colorado Center.

A history making collection of toys are available starting  Saturday  June 13 at the History Colorado center.

We got to meet Jeffrey Bennett, a space scientist, and interview him. 

On Saturday June 13th the toy exhibit will be open to all families so they can learn about the many toys of the 50s -70s.This exhibit will connect with many’s childhood. These toys seem like old friends. I feel nostalgic walking through this exhibit.¨ Director of Public Relations,Deborah Radman, said ,¨The 50s and 60s parts feel like deja vu to me. It is like walking down memory lane.¨

We got to interview a space scientist, and learn about his life and his books. 

Here is an interview with the author Jeffrey Bennett.

Coty Carmack

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Saturday, the public can experience how it was to be a child during the 50's, 60's and 70's.