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Articles in "Movies"

Emily Schultz writes, The movie...

Felicia Pichulo writes, The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments is a movie about a brave...

Collin Meyers writes, I saw a sneak preview of the movie "The Game Plan.

Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Annabelle Lewis left the small room, feeling angry at the hotel for not alerting her that the room was haunted.

Taylor Kelly writes, Return to Halloween Town is a movie about a good witch named Marty.

Lena N-M writes, Ratatouille deserves two thumbs up.

Jarratt Townsend writes, Walt Disney's Peter Pan 2-DVD Platinum EditionPeter Pan is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Michael Havenar writes, It's time to hit the theatre and catch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie, TMNT.

Felicia Pichulo writes, The Last Unicorn is a magical movie about a unicorn who goes in search of others like her.

Madison Paige Jones writes, Avatar The Last Air Bender The Complete Book 1 Collection is about Aang.

A great Disney movie.