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Articles in "Music"

Erin Moriarty writes, About 5 years ago, when I first heard of the Grand Canyon, the first thought that came to my head was a question.

Emma Selner writes, "Is it possible," I thought, "For me to lose my hearing at a concert?!

Dannika Harris writes, Denver welcomed the 48th Annual St.

Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, The Santa Fe trail, it was a huge travel highwaybefore and after the Civil War.

Chase Hoven writes, Having reviewed Disney's highly acclaimed movie...

Erin Moriarty writes, "Do you know what music is?

Emma Carroll writes, The skies opened on Sunday night's annual Golden Globes Awards ceremony...

Allyson Malecha writes, G-Force involves some of today's best actors, furry creatures, turbo-charged plastic spheres, and the FBI.

Zoe Knight writes, Recently released from Jim Henson Studios,is the complete DVD collection of Fraggle Rock.

Lillian Lungren writes, Got to Catch Santa Claus, staring William Shatner as Santa Claus, is a great holiday flick for the family.

Allyson Malecha writes, Taylor Swift!

Taylor Kelly writes, Ucreate Music is a toy that gives you the opportunity to make your own songs and beats.

Grace Linderman writes, Walt Disney's movie The Tortoise and the Hare is a series of classic cartoons that brings you back to the past.

Jensina Bailly writes, Starring Tom Kenny as the voice of Spongebob.

Emma Selner writes, Sonny with a Chance- Sonny's Big Break...

Chloe Barrett writes, How would you like to go to that final basketball game or that mind-blowing concert?

Meghan Sharma writes, " A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Dannika Harris writes, The Ringling Bros.

Austin Campbell writes, By: Austin CampbellThe Colorado Children's Choral has 400 children who singWith one big heart for Coloradoans and other...

Jarratt Townsend writes, In the first episode of Spongicus, Plankton turns the chum bucket into a fighting arena with a man eating lionfish.

Melissa Kaiser writes, Watch out Whoville!

Rachel Faulkner writes, Around Colorado, Cheley summer camp, up in Estas park,is known as one of the brightest, best camps for kids.

Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Traveling is an exciting and eventful activity to participate in over the summer.

Lauren McCulley writes, Broadway is a big place to perform, and your show has to be ansolutely spectacular in order to perform there.