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Meeting author Michael Shoulders at CCIRA!!!

Kate Messner an award winning author is passionately curious and makes her readers wonder.  

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is a volunteer organization, with many different kinds of authors.

Lester Laminack entertains audience at CCIRA luncheon

Author Nikki Grimes speaks at CCIRA, "Beyond Race: The Universality of Story"

Kirby Larson a Newberry Award winning author, tells about her inspiration and writing process, when writing her books. 

In 1952 Douglass Elementary School was constructed as a part of Fairview consolidated school district. The Douglass Dolphins have made a home in this 64-year-old school and the community decided it was time for a new school.

New Exhibit at Denver Art Museum takes you through the history of Abstract Expressionism. 

“Books build community and foster relationships” is the one thing that Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, author of “Book Scavenger,” wants all readers to take away from her middle grade mystery novel.  

Everyone was hard at work on their chalk art pieces on Saturday, June 4. Many were competing for the 1st place award.  

Kira Lehtomaki worked for 2 and a half years to help animate the movie 'Zootopia'.

Alan Gratz is the author of ten books, with two more waiting to be published later this year. Some of his books are Samarri Shortstop, Prisoner B-3087, the League of Seven, and Code of Honor.

When people hear the name Superman and Batman they immediately know that the 2 superheroes are being mentioned.

On November 24, one of the popular Democratic candidates running for president in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election,  Hillary Clinton came to Denver and Boulder to give a few words.

This experiment kit is designed so that you “build your own solar-powered vehicles and discover how solar cells make electricity.”

A background of Stephan Pastis and how he became a well-known cartoonist.

Wham! The dodge ball flies through the air and hits a teacher. We all know who threw that dodge ball!

The Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off Balloon Festival is an extraordinary event that takes place on Labor Day at Memorial Park.

Have you heard of the Chamberlin Observatory? If not, then you're missing out!  

On Saturday, August 1st the Colorado Kids Reporters had a field trip to visit the Lakeside Amusement Park. Which is where I met my fellow reporters for the first time! They really encouraged me to write my first article! Alongside of that Lakeside Amusement Park turned out to be the perfect location to make some new friends.

 In spite of wielding eight inch blades for two days, we each went home with all of our fingers intact!

When a 12 year old girl shows up at Castle Hangnail and says she's there to take the role of the castle’s new master, the minions are a little suspicious.

 Have you been to the Denver Art Museum lately? 
Find out what's been going on! 

The war is the thing that started the Gods’ rage. But this war is the type that some God in particular loves, that he can’t do anything but join in…that is Ares, The God of War.