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On Saturday, August 1st the Colorado Kids Reporters had a field trip to visit the Lakeside Amusement Park. Which is where I met my fellow reporters for the first time! They really encouraged me to write my first article! Alongside of that Lakeside Amusement Park turned out to be the perfect location to make some new friends.

 In spite of wielding eight inch blades for two days, we each went home with all of our fingers intact!

When a 12 year old girl shows up at Castle Hangnail and says she's there to take the role of the castle’s new master, the minions are a little suspicious.

 Have you been to the Denver Art Museum lately? 
Find out what's been going on! 

The war is the thing that started the Gods’ rage. But this war is the type that some God in particular loves, that he can’t do anything but join in…that is Ares, The God of War.

Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate who many people think could make our country better.

The Byers Evans mansion called Victoria built in 1883 is now a museum people can take a tour in. This has been a museum since around the 1990’s.

The Evans house. What does that mean to you? I bet you’re thinking nothing I know nothing about the Byer or Evens family. So why should I care? Well i will tell you why you should care.

Gina Laurin from the Denver Arts Museum is a Senior object conservator that preserves on artwork. Object conservators are trained to treat and work on artwork. They work in labs and the job is about science and chemistry. She works on things from Ecuador and South Africa.

We went to the Evan-Byers House.

Recently, I visited the Byers-Evans Museum. It was cool and interesting to see what the house was like back then and what the rooms were decorated like, and especially the traditions they had.

In the Colorado State Capitol, there is an astonishing peice of art including many women of Colorado's history.

Have you ever wished you could visit the downtown Denver Library, but you never got a chance? Did you want to visit the library, but you didn't want to drive all the way to downtown Denver? If so, here is a chance to learn about the library, to make sure your up for the drive. from this article, you will find out what part of the library is really like.

       The glass-sided elevator moved downwards as I tried to stuff some peanut butter toast, a last-second breakfast, into my mouth.

The Jewish culture is rich and colorful, it stretches back as far as 5,775 years. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn more!

Last Weekend thousands of superheroes, villains, princesses and other pop culture characters descended upon the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver. Why?

A Maasai man in Aspen teaches kids about his culture.

Everybody loves mythic creatures. People spend time imagining the dragons and unicorns that they have heard stories of, watched movies about, and read about. One thing few people know is the origin of these mythic creatures. At the Denver Museum of Nature and science, the new exhibit about mythical creatures tells all about many mythic creatures. 

Kids learn a lot and have fun with the Junior First Lego League.

Alan Sitomer, a winner of the 2007 California Teacher of the Year Award and an author who has written nineteen books (including “Caged Warrior,” “Noble Warrior,” “Homeboyz,” and “Daddies Do It Different”) has one major thing to say about education: “Literacy is linchpin.”

Colorado teachers were lucky to spend two hours listening to Xolisa Guzula, a teacher from Cape Town South Africa.

Not many writers would choose to write only bilingual books; Monica Brown is one of those few authors.

Colorado based author, Mark Hoog was excited to promote his 5 book series at Denver's most recent literacy conference, CCIRA.

Can pop culture help kids perform better in school?