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Popular tween author Mike Lupica  gives you a look into the life of sports through his novels.

A rock show is a treasure trove for rock hounds, with vendors offering rocks and jewelry from every corner of the earth, from Ethiopian obsidian to Mexican calcite to local aquamarine from Mt.

How do authors get their inspiration?

My start as an interviewer!

Austin Trulsow worked hard to be in this event

After discovering history changing artifacts, that are thousands of years old, Dennis L. Jenkins explains how his findings are inspiring young, American archeologists to continue the work he has begun, and what Jenkins and his team hope to discover in the future.

Lakeside presents a rollercoaster full of fun for everyone!


On August fifth, 2012 at 11:31 pm, history was made. Curiosity, a third generation Mars Rover, made a perfect landing on the Red Planet. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosted a “viewing party” so that people could witness this amazing piece of history.

Want to see the U.S. athletes without going to London?

 This is kind of a mystery. Comment if you solve it!

A recent, groundbreaking discovery that enforces how rapidly history can change. Read all about a nine year archeology dig that changed the course of history.  

How I climbed up Mt. Democrat-- one of Colorado's 14-ers!

Awesome horseback riding equals a lot of fun!

Most people love the Olympics; but too much can be bad for you!

        Many people have been evacuated due to fires around the state.  Some have lost their homes in these flames, luckier ones have not. Many people who have not lost their homes have been affected in other unfortunate ways. Affected in a minor way are girls all over the state.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear what an author thinks about their own books? That’s exactly what I got to do recently, when I was given the opportunity to interview Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed and Dreamless.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed  and the upcoming new book, Dreamless. I was able to ask Ms. Angelini a variety of questions over email, including when the much-anticipated third installment of the Starcrossed trilogy will be released, and her views on certain characters in the books.

It’s finally coming. Summer. Barbecues, pool parties, sleepovers, and popsicles. Summer is the time when you feel free, away from the stress of school and busy afternoons.

Attention all LEGO fans!!! If you missed the LEGO KidsFest on April 27th, 28th, and 29th, you’d better mark your calendar for next time it comes because this year’s LEGO fest at the Denver Convention Center covering three acres was incredible! 

Recently, Peter Lord, director and producer of the new stop-motion film, “Pirates! Band of Misfits”, visited Denver. Lord is well-known for his work on many other movies, including “Chicken Run” and the “Wallace and Gromit” franchise.

Colorado is part of the western frontier; when you chose to move out here you faced problem after problem but you usually found harmony with the land.

The 38th Annual Denver March Pow Wow danced its way into Colorado this weekend. You might ask yourself what is a Pow Wow?

Just imagine, 40 life size models, customs race cars, master builders, and creation nation all in a three acre space. Well then you must know I am taking about the LEGO KidsFest, taking place at the Colorado Convention Center on  April  27th through the 29th. This giant traveling LEGO expo has hands-on education as well as many activities to get your creative minds going.

How do comic book companies get new readers?