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Articles in "Poetry"

The thrill is biting me constantly
The fear of being hurt chases me 
Like a cat chases a mouse
The rocks stick out of the path angrily

Spring is finally here!

The blinking of the luring green light,
The desperate look in his distant eye.
The gabble of partygoers all through the night,
Forbidden love, fresh in his mind.

This is a song I wrote with rhyming lines.

This is a poem about me!!!

I Am From
By Molly Moran

Cambria Pilger writes, Love is strong, Trust too much.


At first glance, the town doesn't seem so bad. In reality, it was the Terezin Concentration Camp where Jews were forced to live ... and die.

Kalina Hartman writes, Can you imagine...

Kalina Hartman writes, If I were in charge of the worldI'd cancel homework,Being sick, and alsoRubbing my dad's feet.

An interview with Liz Garton Scanlon and Mike Thaler.

Nickie Finnegan writes, Can you tell me about your family?

Nickie Finnegan writes, At the Mariott Hotel in Denver, Colorado, an Author/Teacher's conference was held there.

Erin Moriarty writes, Where were you when you were 8?

Angelique Hults writes, Writing depends on what kind of writer you are, if you like fiction, non-fiction, or poetry (which is my specialty).

Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Sitting.

Orion Pilger writes, A mother is special, she's more than a friend.

Swimming,In the bottomless blue ocean.

Kaitlin Howard writes, I lift my head from the indigo waters,Seeing only a speck of land.

Lena N-M writes, Blue Lipstick.

Lena N-M writes, Hi everybody, I just wanted to let every know that I am finally published in a book!